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neville moran's 1949 Morris Minor – “Morry”
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car discovered in a shed on a property in west n.s.w australia . been there 28 yrs . 3 year nut & bolt restoration , no short cuts mostly n.o.s original hard to find or reco parts . only changes are boosted brakes ,twin 1/1/8 original su carbs, extractors ,engine balanced & car colour changed to old english white . bone leather interior many pics ,info for any one interested . this is a breif dicription of the work that has gone in to this infectious british classic . thank you for reading nev

Vehicle Information

Owner: neville moran   [nev moran 49 lowee]
Location: gold coast, Australia AUS
Status: Running

Model Year:1949
Original Colour:red
Current Colour:old english white
Odometer:1,232 miles
Engine Type:918 side valve
Engine Code:ushm2
Transmission:4 manual
Last Updated:2011-12-17 02:15:48


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Rated 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
2011-11-27 22:08:40 # 3983
Comment by Jonny W
Rating: 10/10
Why is there no rating above perfect? Damn. Stunning. Love the interior too, quality job. Question - did you get the grille rechromed? Mine's painted the same colour as the car but it DOES look gorgeous chromed...(apparently they stopped chroming them after around 1950 because there was a shortage of nickel)...
2011-11-28 02:49:41 # 3984
Comment by neville moran
hi jonny , thanks for that ,yes it turned out realy nice .original grill was chromed, but on my tresure hunt i found a grill made of brass ( NOS ) that had never been used ,an old guy in brisbane ,aust had it in storage for decades , over the years he had refused to sell it . i just got lucky ! it looked great polished brass but chromed up nice .
2011-11-28 22:52:38 # 3990
Comment by Skye Nott
Rating: 10/10
Very nice, thanks for adding it to the Registry!
2012-12-31 17:36:58 # 8572
Comment by Darren Goff
Rating: 10/10
Gday Nev, Dont worry about the previous poster that is so jelous of our good forum in Australia he has to name himself after it. Your car is great. Saw it at Port and was very impressed. Definitely worthy of a 10/10. Definitely. When you see other comments on your car at greater than 10/10 you can just see how vindictave this person is. People that come onto forums like this and are so negative should go somewhere else. Keep doing what your doing.
2013-01-01 01:05:11 # 8575
Comment by neville moran
Thanks Daren , yeah mate what a tosser I think every one from all forums had enough
of this blokes frosty antics cheers mate
2016-08-07 06:14:57 # 36434
Comment by John V
Very nice car, although a question: do you have a build date from the British Motor industry Heritage Trust? (or whatever it's called these days) I ask because I'm surprised to see the rectangular red-glass taillamps on a car in the 4000 range. Would expect it to have one or two round red rear lamps instead, unless you fitted the ones I see as part of your restoration?
2016-08-07 08:43:32 # 36437
Comment by neville moran
Hi John . 4442 is stamped on the fire wall which gives it a build date March / April 49 . I believe it came with the rectangular tail lamps but this could have been altered at some point . I just presume it was a borderline model ,
2016-08-07 08:56:03 # 36438
Comment by John V
Or possibly the rectangular lamps were required for the Australia market at that time?I'd heard separately from another early Minor owner that Australia required taillights to be separately wired with a switch at the back of the car, so the driver had to confirm they were working. Never heard of such a thing, but is that the case with your car too?
2017-01-22 02:23:26 # 39814
Comment by Thomas W
Neville, she's lovely. I have a 1000 4 door saloon that was built in Zetland. Was yours a CKD car then since it's a relatively early car? Love the Low-Lights! Gave you 5 stars! Cheers from the other hemisphere, Tom.

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2011-12-17 02:15:48

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Nov 27, 2011 neville moran  AUS Added to Registry (ID 11776)

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