Registry: 1968 Morris Minor

Lee Harrop's 1968 Morris Minor
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Vehicle Information

Owner: Lee Harrop   [Shiftyone]
Location: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK GBR
Status: Running

Model Year:1968
Build Date:1968-06-11
Original Colour:Trafalgar blue
Current Colour:Blue
Odometer:32,000 miles
Engine Type:1098 A series
Transmission:4 speed
Last Updated:2015-12-18 14:14:45


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Member Comments on Registry: 1968 Morris Minor   ↵
2015-12-22 14:41:19 # 31048
Comment by Cam H
Great looking interior. paw here did you get the seats ?? Thanks Cam
2015-12-24 07:35:05 # 31078
Comment by Lee Harrop
Hi thanks it's still a bit rough looks better on the pictures seats are from a ford ka.
2015-12-24 19:06:12 # 31088
Comment by Cam H
Lee, Please excuse the crappy typing.. I can't poke those itty bitty keys on the IPad.. Your car looks Great to me !The seats are from a Ford KA - must be a British version as I've not seen one State side.Have you replaced the front brakes with discs yet ?_ Cam
2015-12-27 15:33:48 # 31126
Comment by Lee Harrop
Not yet Cam got it in pretty rough shape around 7 months ago hadn't been driven since 1994, needed lots of welding which my friend helped me with. Tinkered around with the engine for a few days and it fired up past its MOT test so it could be driven on the road and starting on the body work very soon.
2015-12-28 16:52:16 # 31158
Comment by Cam H
Lee, When I look at the pictures that are posted on the web, it seems that most of the MM have ill fitting doors, front fenders and door sills/rocker panels. I imagine the odd gaps between panels is due to accident damage /and or rusty body elements about to drop off.. Very few cars on the web site appear to "Straight". Is that a wrong assumption on my part ??Cam H
2015-12-30 14:03:19 # 31187
Comment by Lee Harrop
It could be a few things like accident damage but I would imagine it's mainly due to the car flexing when having panels cut out and welded back in over the years from what I have seen its mainly the doors my drivers door won't line up I think it's because it's been sat for years with a rusted sill and floor and has flexed over time then when I welded the new panels in nothing would line up easy
2015-12-30 14:22:01 # 31188
Comment by Cam H
Lee, Thanks for your reply. What you mentioned makes perfect sense from what that posted pictures show and the original construction of the car. With no real frame, stress on the elements translates to misalignment. Cam H

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2015-12-18 14:14:45

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
May 14, 2015 Lee Harrop  GBR Added to Registry (ID 31977)

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