Registry: 1969 Morris Minor Traveller

Bruce S's 1969 Morris Minor Traveller – “Woodrow”
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“WOODROW” is pretty much pure stock, RHD. 1969, almost the last year they were made. Snowberry white paint, black interior. 61,000 miles showing. We are the third USA owner, previous history in UK unknown. 1098 engine, 4 speed ribcase gearbox, 4.22 rear end. All black interior, excellent condition, except for headliner. We have taken Woodrow on two trips from Portland Oregon to British Columbia and back for car shows, 1000 miles round trip without a hiccup. He cruises nicely at 60 mph on the highway. This is not a show winning car yet, but ready to go for fun as a daily driver, to spread smiles and turn heads wherever you go. Show cars sell for twice as much, or more. Plenty of room in the price for full restoration if you choose to go that way.

New carpets
Tires very good, including spare
Stock hubcaps w/ chrome trim rings
External sun visor (eyebrow)
Headlight peaks (kidney cutters)
Rebuilt generator, new fan belt
New transmission rear seal
New differential pinion seal
New driveshaft U-Joints
Driveshaft straightened & balanced
Wheels, tires, axles, hubs straight
Brake drums turned
Brake linings & hydraulics near new
New rear axle bearings & seals
Front wheel brgs repacked, new seals
New urethane suspension bushings
New front upper bump stops
New rubber bonnet bumpers
New rack & pinion boots
Full front end alignment
Wheels balanced
New water pump & radiator cap
New heater control valve
Rebuilt wiper motor
New air filter, spark plugs
New points, condenser, cap, rotor, wires
New muffler & exhaust system
New fuel tank
New fuel pump
Surf board is included

The wood needs some TLC, having some soft spots and gaps in some of the joints. Needs a rear headliner and the LH raingutter. Minor body rust evident, in the usual places on wings and door bottoms, has been treated with body filler.

Selling because we need to downsize our collection.

Vehicle Information

Owner: Bruce S   [misterbear]
Location: Portland, OR, USA USA
Status: Running

Model Year:1969
Original Colour:snowberry white
Current Colour:snowberry white
Odometer:63,000 miles
Engine Type:1098
Transmission:4 speed ribcase
Last Updated:2015-08-13 20:40:25


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Rated 7 out of 10 based on 1 ratings
2015-08-31 12:33:06 # 28740
Comment by Cam H
Bruce, Have you sold the traveler ? Cam
2015-09-02 14:06:58 # 28787
Comment by Bruce S
Rating: 7/10
No, Woodrow is still looking for a new home. Feel free to call me 503-348-7324 to discuss.
2015-09-02 18:19:49 # 28788
Comment by Cam H
Bruce, Thank you for the message. Would you have some close up pictures of the bottoms of the doors?? and a the engine compartment ??? Was the clutch replace when you were getting all of the other work (rear seal ) Performed ? Is this rust going to require welding metal back in to the door?? Is the wood rotted out ?? Thank you for any information! Cameron
2015-09-03 20:23:15 # 28811
Comment by Pamela Voit
Hi think I'd like to adopt Woodrow. Could you send me some close ups of the rust spots. my email is pstarrmaker@aol.com
2015-09-03 21:00:45 # 28812
Comment by Bruce S
note to CAMERON...much easier to send photos if you will give me your direct email address. Engine, clutch, and transmission are all working fine, so never had a reason to dig into them or replace the clutch. I am a professional mechanic since about 1970, and I did all the work myself in my own shop. I am not a body and paint guy. The rust spots had repair work done by the previous owner, although not a professional looking job. So they are not hidden, but I cannot really tell the extent of what was done, or the quality of the metal underneath the body filler. Same for the wood...gaps and soft spots are not hidden by filler and paint. The wood is structurally OK, in my opinion. You could use the car as is for lots of fun times right now. Or you could make repairs over time, as budget and ambition permit. Or you could do major changes when your budget permits. A complete kit of every stick of wood in the car sells for about $2500, can be had from USA or UK sources. Any part you could ever want is s
2015-09-04 11:59:44 # 28828
Comment by Pamela Voit
Bruce, would you please get back to me on location so I can send someone up there to check it out for me. Thanks Pam V - you have my email.
2015-09-04 15:38:14 # 28830
Comment by Cam H
Bruce, Thank you for the information, unlike the rest of the civilize world, I have to work tomorrow and won't be able to head up that way until Sunday. At the earliest (stinks). Would anybody be around on Sunday? Not sure how far you up in Delaware? My email is ppalace05@yahoo if you have time to send picture
2015-09-04 18:23:34 # 28832
Comment by Cam H
Bruce, sorry about that, I don't know why I said Delaware. Must be the shiftwork has gotten to me.
2015-09-04 23:58:19 # 28845
Comment by Pamela Voit
Bruce, my daughter and son-in-law are planning a trip to Portland on Saturday 9/5, is there a chance they can come by for me? I need an address so I can put this on Mapquest for them and then make arrangements regarding the car. I've driven a right hand car in S. Africa but these two haven't I can work something out. If nothing else I could have it sent down by AAA. I do need to know when and where and if you are available tomorrow. Please let me know. Tanks
2015-09-05 19:47:10 # 28857
Comment by Cam H
Oh we'll, and so it goes
2015-09-07 16:23:38 # 28908
Comment by Bruce S
reply to Cam...not sure what you mean there. Car is still for sale. First one with money in hand takes it. Be glad to show it to you or talk more. Not sure where you live yet...close to Portland?? Email is awkward on weekends for me, not being at work. Please feel free to call me on my cell 503-348-7324. Thanks...Bruce
2015-09-08 13:10:53 # 28935
Comment by Bruce S
note to Cam H...my emails direct to ppalace05@yahoo keep bouncing back, don't know why.Bruce
2015-09-09 16:47:37 # 28988
Comment by Tom C
Like your morris. would like to buy it. shipping to new york will cost approx $1500---any wiggle room on your price?
2015-09-09 19:16:27 # 28992
Comment by Bruce S
Tom C....This posting and others have generated a surprising amount of interest recently. Several active interested parties. One who has come to inspect it personally, and seriously wants it, is currently arranging financing. So I am not highly motivated to bargain any further on the price. I started out at $9000, and have progressively reduced it to $7500 currently. First one at my door with cash (or wire transfer) takes it home. Knowing that a fully restored Traveller goes for $18-20K in this country, I think this price is more than fair, leaving a lot of room in the budget for any degree of restoration. Mechanically it is primo. Structurally it is good. Just needs body work now. If you want to make an offer, I will keep it in mind, in case the current interested folks don't come through.
2015-09-09 20:12:08 # 28993
Comment by Cam H
Bruce, Could the car make it across to the east coast, actually being driven ??? I don't mean to be funny, just wondering? Cam
2015-09-09 20:45:56 # 28995
Comment by Bruce S
Cam H...I believe it could, but obviously I can't guarantee. With the 1098 engine and 4.22 rear end, it is pretty good for going uphill without losing much speed. Gas mileage is about 25 MPG.You would want to bring a gas can, jumper cables, couple quarts of oil, gallon of water, and a good box of tools. Spare fan belt, fuses, light bulbs, maybe radiator hoses (things you wouldn't find at a freeway gas station). Standard equipment for traveling with any old car, regardless of distance or car condition.
2015-09-09 20:58:29 # 28996
Comment by Cam H
Rgr you last. I uSually have such things, plus the magic AAA card for a tow if needed. Seems like people are coming out of the wood work for the minor..
2015-09-09 21:20:04 # 28997
Comment by Bruce S
Cam H...like I said, "a surprising amount of interest recently". But first one with cash (or wire transfer) takes it home.Also should have said it will cruise at 60-65 mph on the freeway quite comfortably, except for big hills or strong headwinds. I normally keep it below 60, just to be nice to Woodrow.

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Vehicle History

This vehicle's information was last updated on 2015-08-13 20:40:25

Ownership History

Date Owner ID Notes
Jan 1, 2010 Bruce S  USA Added to Registry (ID 30398)

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