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Follow-up on UK shipping fiasco.

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pixelsmithusa Avatar
OK, many of you read my post regarding FedEx’s incompetence as a reliable shipping carrier. ( http://www.mgexp.com/phorum/read.php?3,2547674,2547674#msg-2547674 )

After you read the current status of things, I’d like your feedback on something at the end.

Seven months later, I am still fighting this battle. FedEx has refused to reimburse for any of the damaged. Even though it is the original manufacturers cartons that were used, they take no responsibility for damage, citing “inadequate packaging” on the wheels. The fact that they would have had to drop them from a height in excess of 6 feet to do that kind of damage, has no significance in their minds. For the one carton with $2000 worth of parts contained, which they lost not once, but twice INSIDE their Memphis facility, they will only reimburse based on weight In this case, it amounts to about 25 cents on the dollar. As far as a refund on shipping, they will only refund the shipping for the weight of the lost carton only, not the entire shipment, as they originally indicated. I have continued to refuse this as a settlement from the exporter because they (Phoenix Cargo UK) kept insisting that they insured the shipment for full value.

Based on the formula FedEx cited for reimbursement, I realized that these are the exact terms when NO ADDITIONAL INSURANCE and or no declared value is put on the shipment.

http://www.fedex.com/gb/services/terms/ SEE SECTION 18.1 DECLARED VALUE AND LIMITS OF LIABILITY

I could not come to any other conclusion than export manager must not be telling the truth about full value insurance on this shipment; that the assurance given me by the Airfreight Export Manger, Justin Blazkowski before approving handling, that my shipment was fully insured for damage or loss was pure deceit. Though I have made repeated requests for proof that the shipment was fully insured, my requests are blatantly dismissed with “I act only as your agent and bear no responsibility for the carriers actions" . Well, I have finally obtained proof from FedEx that the shipment (total value in excess of $3000) was insured only for the basic inclusive amount of $100.

To add insult to injury, Phoenix Cargo insists they have no responsibility and have not offered one cent of compensation over what FedEx has reimbursed them.

In my opinion, if the freight forwarder chose to charge me for their services (about $300), and not bother to protect my assets, as any reasonable person would expect, then they have assumed the liability. Does anyone think I’m wrong?

I would like to hear feedback from others regarding this predicament. If you’d like to bombard their inboxes in support of my claim, I have included the names and email addresses of the owner and Export Manager below. Perhaps some force of public opinion and bad press might sway their decision. Needless to say, I would never entrust them in the future, and because they are an iInternational freight handler, you should avoid them like the plague should their name ever cross your path. As a side note, this was an order from ESM, who referred Pheonix Cargo, so Morris parts buyers beware!

Thanks for your support.

Tony Woodward - Owner

Justin Blazkowski - Airfreight Export Manager



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Boceki05 Boceki Brown
I agree with you! They must have proper rules and regulations to avoid such problems. I am also struggling a lot looking for Delivery services Fort Worth. I need a reliable one and the ones that even offer within 24 hours delivery. I have a business to be taken care of.

neatwheels Jim Harrell
Charleston, SC, USA   USA
Well Gerard, it's a crap shoot at best dealing with most venders in the UK and Europe as well. Been doing it for 50+ years.
After spending a lot of dinero with bull motif I got thrown under the bus over blatant, in black and white, contrary to facts, that they did not honor their statements nor warranty.
They have the upper hand as they are there and you are here and in lots of cases like this they don't care and crab on issues.
It's best, costs more, to have a broker here who you can go and sit in their lap till something is done.

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0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
I sold summat to a man who lives in Finland Gerard.
I sent it to a carrier, who then carried it to Finland.

Companies who import cars etc from the States sell
space in shipping containers to anyone who wants
I assume the system works the other way too.

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