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Dodgey Avatar
Dodgey Chris Jones
kennedy, Australia   AUS
I have a Datsun A12 moter in my Morris minor and the wire to the fuel shut off valve is broken. Does anyone know if I need this or not?
I am restoring the car at the moment, so I can't start the engine to check.
It also has a Fuel catalyst attached to the fuel line to run unleaded. Does a A12 motor need this or with the aluminium head will it run ok without it. If I use premium unleaded?

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emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
My understanding of fuel shut offs are for two reasons, to stop run on and in case of roll over. Being on the carburetor, it most likely is the former. It appears that the installer did have it connected. No idea what a fuel catalyst does to the fuel.

0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
I think you need what you call a fuel shut off valve.

I think the catalyst is a variation on snake oil.

I think the aluminium head with have inserts and valves that accept unleaded fuel
The Datsun 1200 was designed to run on unleaded "regular" grade of petrol (gasoline)

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bufferzone Avatar
bufferzone Gord Smith-Ritchie
Surfside Colony, CA, USA   USA
From what I’ve read on the Datsun 1200 club site, that engine was designed to reduce emissions and the engine tended to run on, so it needs the anti-dieseling valve (cutoff) on the carb such as you have. From your picture it looks to me like you could solder the broken wires together.
My 1275 A series engine was made to run on leaded, but 8 years later on unleaded only, no problems.

Dodgey Avatar
Dodgey Chris Jones
kennedy, Australia   AUS
thanks for the help

pixelsmithusa Avatar
As I recall, that solenoid is normally closed, meaning it needs to be powered to open. If you retain that carburetor, that valve needs to work. That solenoid can be purchased new for around $15-$20. Here's one part number for it. STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS ES55 You could certainly solder the wire or add terminals. The other alternative is to get a Weber 32/36 DGV carb. They mount a complete mounting kit for it on the stock manifold.



auster Avatar
auster Stephen S
Sydney, NSW, Australia   AUS
I had one of these anti dieseling solenoids on a Subaru with an EA81 engine.

The solenoid is spring loaded so as to shut off fuel except when the ignition is switched on.

When it failed leaving me stranded one Sunday I made extensive searches to replace it but to no avail.

In the end I took it to pieces and removed the innards, (mostly a carburettor type needle and spring) so that the fuel flow could not be interrupted. I screwed the shell back into the engine to prevent leaks.
This has worked perfectly well and the engine still does not run on except rarely when very hot and then only a little.

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