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Woodchurch, Kent, UK   GBR

I would like to turn a Traveller into a roadster.

I have attached a picture of the rough concept.

Would this require the basic elects of the convertible kits like the post strengtheners etc?

Has anyone done this conversion?

What would be required.?

Many thanks Paul

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s-l1600-3.jpg    65.4 KB

emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
That's a new version. Yes the curved braces under the dash are needed. A traveller already has the same re-enforced sills as a convertible. The B post will also need significant bracing since the wooden structure has no side support except for the rear post and its bracing. What is your plan for usage in the body? A rear seat would allow a bulkhead to be added. but if it will be for cargo, a bulkhead close to the door would brace the front doors well. Without the rear body of a convertible, you must ensure good integrity of the sides of the body to keep the flexing and sagging to a minimum.

Woodchurch, Kent, UK   GBR
Cheers Jim. That was very helpful.

The idea of a bulkhead at the doors is a great idea.

I was planning to have rear bench seats that run along the sides so I could get the strength from those to keep the body in shape.



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emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
Yes, the bench seats can provide support for two directions and the remaining weak link would be the sills as in a convertible, but if you maintain the original sill re-enforcement it will be fine.

usmh3 Avatar
usmh3 Rob Thomas
Cardiff, Wales, UK   GBR
If you have bench seats along the sides of the rear you have to work out where the passengers there will put their feet. Not much vertical room.

The B post will require a lot more strengthening since the Tourer/Convertible have the rear side panel and the curve near the bootlid hinges to help hold it up and the Trav only has some wood. It will leave the entire side very floppy if there is no 'hoop' of metalwork. On the photo above, if you opened the door there wouldn't be much holding the woodwork apart from the reinforced B-post and whatever tailgate mechanism you use. In the UK the Trav woodwork is part of the MOT so it might throw up an issue there?

Have you thought of starting with a Van chassis and building a solid steel structure up off of that?

emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
Torsional resistance of the body would be the remaining concern. Careful design of the rear benches could duplicate the rear portion of the body so that the final result might possibly provide similar strength as a factory convertible. Starting with basically an open box is a challenge. All corners need to be braced and the sides need to be rigid to compensate for the missing lid.

Woodchurch, Kent, UK   GBR
Amazingly, I had the privilege to be at the West Malling Morris Minor Workshops in Kent, UK the other day.

Purely by chance.

In the paint booth was a traveller and here is what we worked out.

Strengthening under the dash like convertible

Strengthening at posts like convertible.

Bulkhead creation behind rear seats

Create new petrol tank at bulkhead.

Lower rear floor support to allow for better floor height.

Bench seats to add to strength.

That, we think should make it possible?

Best Paul

Rear step and open back end instead of doors.

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emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
What rear floor support are you considering lowering? I'm confused about the bulkhead behind the rear seat, side bench seats, and open back end. To put all that together I picture a conventional rear seat with side benches in the back. I thought you were planning on only side benches all the way to the driver's seat.

Silverghost Peter Hays
Chicago, IL, USA   USA
Essentially you have a pick-up with the top cut off. Would it gain you anything to theoretically cut the top off a pick-up and replace the bed with the wood components of a Traveller? Just food for thought. Never know where an idea may lead to......

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