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Bad heater core on Traveler

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Inspector Morse Clay Robinson
Elberfeld, IN, USA   USA
Just bought a 67 MM 1000 Traveler and it has a leaking heater. I bypassed the hose back to the motor but would like to fix it right. It looks like there might be access from the firewall side behind the battery. Could I get that lucky or is this going to be a stand on your head under the dash nightmare? Having said that, it would still be a lot easier than ANY late model vehicle.

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bufferzone Avatar
bufferzone Gord Smith-Ritchie
Surfside Colony, CA, USA   USA
Hi, I also have a 67 Traveller and I just pulled my heater because I put in new bulkhead insulation. It's easy. And there is no access to the heater from behind the battery as the heater is a self contained unit. Loosen the two screws that hold the face plate on (that the lever sticks out through). On each side, the black plastic pieces that hide the hose connections have to be removed by unscrewing two screws and then pulling the plastic to the sides. There is either one or two screws located just under where the ignition and switches are that have to be removed, then the L bracket on each side at the rear of the heater need to be removed by unscrewing the four nuts. The unit will drop right down and you can then remove the hoses from the heater inside the car. Maybe it's just that these hoses need their clamps tightened to stop the leak. Inside the heater is a small radiator. You can open the box by removing all the screws around the edge. It's really a simple thing. I did open mine up and cleaned out all the dirt and sprayed Rustoleum flat black paint all over it and it looks brand new. Hope this is clear and helps a bit. Cheers!

John in Eugene Avatar
John in Eugene Platinum Member John Quilter
Eugene, OR, USA   USA
Once you get the heater unit out of the car separate it down to the heater matrix and take this to a good radiator shop who can pressure test it for leaks and solder any leaks up. You've done 70% of the work just getting it out of the car.

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hammynz Avatar
hammynz Rob Hammington
Hamilton, New Zealand   NZL
1959 Morris Minor 1000 "GORG1S"
I have just sorted a leaky heater core on my '59 Morris 1000. I had to drop the parcel tray down, then undid only four bolts to free the heater. That was after disconnecting the water hoses of course and the piping that does the demisting. It was a bit 'stand on the head' but not really very difficult, having taken into account that it was 45 years ago since I worked on such a car. It is highly likely that the heater core will be shot. Getting a new one or repairing yours could be quite expensive! I simply bought very cheaply an early Mini heater which proved to be identical, after first checking that it did not leak water. Problem solved!

Rob Hammington
Hamilton RD3
New Zealand

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