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pgp001 Phil Procter
Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK   GBR
My Traveller is currently with my local garage having a full set of new eye bolts, swivel pins and trunnions etc fitted.

I called in last night to check progress and whilst under the car I grabbed the front damper lever to see if it had any play in it while it was not connected to the top trunnion, I was surprised to find that the damping effect was quite good.

You may be wondering why I should be surprised.
Well my car at some time before I bought it has had telescopic front dampers fitted, so I was expecting the original ones to move with very little resistance, I think I have read somewhere that a restrictor valve in the original damper should be removed when tele's are fitted.
I am now thinking this might not have been done, can anyone tell me how much resistance to expect from the original dampers both with and without the restrictor please.

Also, if I do need to check this restrictor how do I go about doing it.

Is there any big downside to having both sets of dampers working together ?


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66jalopy Avatar
66jalopy Silver Member Phillip Jolliffe
Lake City, FL, USA   USA
When I bought my car it also had a set of telescopic dampers fitted The now reside in my parts bin Proper originals work better. I got some rebuilt ones from Peter Caldwell, on this site, much better.

emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
I just replace a leaking one with a used one I had. Filled it up on the bench and became very stiff, but the beauty of dampers is the faster you try to move the arm, the harder it gets. To put a number on it is tough, but with holding it in my hands, maybe 50 plus pounds. The real way to test is full stroke both ways. You want to feel even resistance the whole stroke. The valves are restricting flow through the whole stroke and will not change, but a worn bore in the center will give you a limp feel as the oil passes around the pistons. Of course if it's weak over the entire stroke it could be worn seals, which is probably more likely than a worn valve. You could always try a valve from another shock to see if it's different, if just to confirm your's are complete.

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0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
Why go looking for trouble Gaffer smiling smiley

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