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0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
A wise decision Russell, thumbs up
here's wishing you lots of fun smileys with beer

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GT6CA Russell F
Petaluma, CA, USA   USA
Thank you Mike..

Before the fun begins there is a fair amount of work to be done, rear wheel bearings, diff gasket, both UJ's on the prop, new rear brakes, all 4 trunnions (Only 1 really badly worm but must conclude the others are not far behind), rebuild the clutch mechanism and also a new front crossmember. As the car has been lowered it looks like someone drove into a rock. Car will be raised to it's correct height.

All pretty straightforward stuff, just need time.

Over the years i have found that as long as i can buy a fair number of parts its so much cheaper to buy from the UK and ship over here. Just waiting for a quote back from one of the main suppliers there and off we go.


0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
Here's wishing you good luck with it Russell thumbs up

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racingjason Jason Porter
Edmonton, AB, Canada   CAN
Hello my name is Jason and my son and I have inherited a 1950 MM LHD originally imported to Canada. The car has been in our family for some time, in fact, my son will eventually be the fourth generation to own it. It was purchased by my Grandfather in the early to mid sixties from a gentleman who was the original owner and lived in the area. My aunts used it to go to school instead of riding horses and when my Dad turned 16 the car was passed on to him as his first car. It was driven for less than a year at which point he parked the Morris and moved on to something with heat for the cold Saskatchewan winters. The car then sat for about 45 years in one old shed/barn to another. Dad was not allowed to get rid of the MM as he had met my Mom during this time and she had become quite attached to it. So, a little over two years ago, I made the 1600 km round trip to go fetch it and began the long road to restoration. It had been many years since I had last seen it and during that time a racoon had taken up residence inside and made quite a mess. The thing is it is in rather decent shape for being 67 years old. Yes the interior is beat and the front sheetmetal needs some work after a minor fender bender at one point during my Dad's tenure but it has little to no rust except some general fuzziness from being parked in damp barns for four decades. My son is now 8 years old and this is going to be a project for me, him and his grandfather and the plan is for the car to his first car as well. The old sidevalve is seized and is going to be replaced with an electric drivetrain but first we want to improve the brakes and handling. Dad always complained about the steering and the ride but from what I have read it may be that the bushing were clapped out and the dampers had leaked all their oil. By the time he go a hold of it had almost 20 years of bashing about on prairie farms roads so I am going to see if we can get it back to its former glory without having to do anything too drastic. Shortly after we brought it home my son and I took a trip to the UK for a visit and came back with a large suitcase full of parts. Been working through a plan over the last couple years from different engine options until we finally settled on electric. Just started the teardown and hopefully we will see it back on the road in a couple of years.

Fat Albert Albert Aumann/A
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia   AUS
Well I am not a new member but I have 3 Morris car 1939 8/40 2 door Coupe 1950 MM 2 door sedan 1952 MM 2 door convertible .
and ten Motor Bikes best ones 1950 B S A Bantam ......1960 Ariel Golden Arrow Twin ......... 1985 650cc B M W Cafe Racer ... 1975 250 Honda Scramble Bike
1975 125cc Honda Scramble bike All back to new condition . I am 82 year old but i have a 79 year old apprentice ......my wife ,,,love working on the bikes done my apprenticeship at 14 years old with time off for the Korean war... Now President of the Gold Coast Naval Association Sub Section among other things ,,,,,regards Fat Albert

avakian Bob Avakian
Tulsa, Oklanoma, USA   USA
College Instructor (not professor, I work for a living :-) in Tulsa, OK working on my daughter's 1970 MM 1000 that has a Sprite engine and disc front brakes. Car will eventually go to her in North Carolina. Got the car from a gentleman in Pennsylvania and it is pretty solid for the age. Will eventually need some frame work, but is a great driver for now. Putting in Dynamat after treating the floor pan for rust and patching a couple of pin sized holes. Next comes the carpet.

IMG_20151024_160837.jpg    39.3 KB

Crumperama Avatar
Crumperama Verity Manning
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK   GBR
Hi everyone. I'm Verity and based in Cambridgeshire UK. I have recently converted the back-end of my Morris Minor into Evie The Ice Cream Trailer. The front half is a work in progress and is going to sell Crumpets and Coffee hence the name Crumperama.
I thought I would share some pics with you all. She is for hire for Weddings and private parties.

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IMG-20170513-WA0006.jpg    38.7 KB

IMG-20170501-WA0006.jpg    29.9 KB
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0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
bstogsdill Avatar
bstogsdill Bradley Stogsdill
Greenbrier, Arkansas!, USA   USA
Hi This is Bradley in Arkansas.

I have a 1970 Spitfire on which I am wrapping up a major restoration. I have it back on the ground and running, working out final bugs for a fall show. It is intended to be a mechanically sound driver.

My interest in this forum is that I am considering buying a Morris Minor for my next restoration project, and I am looking for pros and cons for this car compared to other possible choices for restoration.

I want a good looking small car about the size of a Morris that will be fun to drive and have reasonable price and availability on parts. I assume a Minor will be somewhat comparable to a Spitfire in these regards. Looking to make a driver car to use and enjoy. A hard top Minor could be a winter car to compliment my convertible Spitfire, and both will fit together in my crowded garage. I am also considering a GT6 or a TR3 as possible candidates to restore.

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rusty bucket Avatar
rusty bucket Cam H
Baltimore, MD, USA   USA
Hi, Cameron in Maryland with a 1960 4 door,
In the slow process of restoring the car, bit by bit .

Although the car is a "1000", the motor has no serial tag and the transmission has a smooth case. A replaced drivetrain at sometime I think.

The PO(s) put on front disc brakes, a sway bar, and rear tube shocks. Nice touches but all are in need of repair or replacement due to weather at the POs locations. A1275 and 5 speed would be a great upgrade


IMG_0097.jpg    52.9 KB

IMG_0031.JPG    51 KB
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IMG_0098.jpg    59.9 KB
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hemm999 Avatar
hemm999 Ian Hemmingway
Manchester, lancs, UK   GBR
Hi, all
Just bought this morris minor 1958.
I will doing a full restore All the running gear, Engine.
Done the diff & dampeners & springs and back brakes.
cleaned painted with new bushes & gaskets & Bushes &
New brake pipes. Tank out cleaned & painted, Going to start
cleaning underneath welding & painting.
I live in England Ian.

1 Front.jpg    49.5 KB
1 Front.jpg

2 Back.jpg    42.6 KB
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3 Left.jpg    56.2 KB
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4 Right.jpg    55.8 KB
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tonton Avatar
tonton Tony Goninan
Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia   AUS
1950 Morris Minor "The Frog"
She looks pretty good Ian. Can't wait to see the end result.
Cheers Tony

rusty bucket Avatar
rusty bucket Cam H
Baltimore, MD, USA   USA
Your '58 looks like it's been well kept.
Lucky find, Good for You !

0123 Mike D
Biddulph, Staffs, UK   GBR
thumbs up Sweet thumbs up

ajcmbrown Tony Brown
Michelago, New South Wales, Australia   AUS
Hi all, new member from Australia with a 1961 Morris Minor 1000 two door, picked it up a week ago today.
It turns out this is a very solid car, no rust that I can find anywhere, and apart from some minor "improvements" it is very original.
It has a Lucas alternator conversion, telescopic shocks front and rear, sporty exhaust and some modern seats that will be removed.
It runs great, although I am unable to drive it at anything above a low speed since the master cylinder was incorrectly assembled by a previous owner and I am waiting for a replacement kit to rebuild it, but it has been sleeved in stainless steel.
Even at low speed, the gearbox, clutch and engine show no issues.
I'm still undecided about the driveline, unless something major fails of course!
It is English Grey duco which is quite good for a 55 year old, maybe some touch ups required to make it look a bit fresher though.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2017-07-22 05:25 AM by ajcmbrown.

IMG20170718195723[1].jpg    60.3 KB

IMG20170715121006[1].jpg    48.6 KB
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IMG20170715121040[1].jpg    45.6 KB
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IMG20170715121031[1].jpg    45.3 KB
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