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Considering Restoring a Morris Minor.. Pros & Cons?

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bstogsdill Avatar
bstogsdill Bradley Stogsdill
Greenbrier, Arkansas!, USA   USA

I am wrapping up a restoration project on a 1970 Spitfire and I am considering a Morris Minor for my next project... can anyone tell me pros and cons of choosing a Morris Minor to restore?

It appears it would be a similar project as the spitfire as it is a small and relatively inexpensive vehicle and have good parts availability as it seems to have been a lot of them made. Also I remember my dad having one for a while when i was 10 or 12 years old. I think they are cool looking cars. I could restore one keeping the original engine and drive train and enjoy it as original ,or if i found one without an engine I could substitute an alternate drive train and have fun with that as well. The car is beautiful in its original form and also looks good with modifications.

I do want to avoid attempting to restore something uncommon with hard to find parts or expensive.


bstogsdill Avatar
bstogsdill Bradley Stogsdill
Greenbrier, Arkansas!, USA   USA
Leaping lizards... no one has any opinion?
Am I on an abandoned forum? That would be my luck..

2nd MM Panel Silver Member Phill Dallas
Nevada City, CA, USA   USA
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Van "Mycroft"
Pros: Good looking and lends itself to well considered custom body work.
Pleasant but uninspired performance in stock configurations. Many documented driveline upgrades from rotary to V8.
Parts are, for the most part, readily available and easily repaired or replaced.

Cons: Can't think of any.

Like all LBCs they are hobbies disguised as automobiles. If you're good with that you'll love it.
All that said, look for rust in the undercarriage and lower points on the body panels. And if it's a Traveler, inspect the wood VERY closely. Repairing chassis rust or rotten wood can get seriously expensive.

tjt77 timothy Trevithick
Grass Valley, CA, USA   USA
pros:- everything is available and none of it will break the bank.. most of the outer body panels are bolt on.. there are a good number of bolt in mechanical upgrades from later BMC cars that used the same (A series) size powertrains.. the stronger mechanicals from a post '66 sprite/midget are easy to obtain.. the cars are very simple and can be rebuilt with little more than standard hand tools.. you have plenty of space under the hood should you desire to use alternative engines/trans.. the cars were initially designed to take a 'flat four', or horizontally opposed engine. so something such as a Honda gullwing motorcycle engine is a possibility.

cons:- be aware of rust.. pay close attention to front chassis rails and the outer parts of the longditudinal sill sections under the car on the pouter edges...as well as the rearmost part fo trunk floor... avoid any inclement climate cars, especially UK RHD examples ( almost all of which will have been patched to varying degrees and and standards) those from NZ or south africa fare much better.. BUT.. there were thousands imported in US spec from '51 through 61.. then a break till 67.. then no more.. rear axles are marginal as regards ability to take more powerful engine..but stronger axle shafts are avail out of UK.. sourcing the most sound, rust free car you can find will save you big time in the long run..( plenty of structurally sound dead projects remain on west coast) good luck.

bstogsdill Avatar
bstogsdill Bradley Stogsdill
Greenbrier, Arkansas!, USA   USA
Thank you guys for the replies. I think the car would be a great choice for me. Perhaps within the next 6 months or so I may get my hands on one... will keep you all updated.

66jalopy Avatar
66jalopy Silver Member Phillip Jolliffe
Lake City, FL, USA   USA
I am considering selling my 1956 split windshield. It has a 1275 engine and gearbox from a Midget,engine rebuilt 4 years ago. It needs a little body work and paint, front seats are re done using Newton Commercial original kits. I use it to run errands a couple of times a week but am starting to have health issues that make it hard to work on it. New Maniflow complete exhaust system on the way from UK. Rust is limited to a few bubbles at bottom of doors, a small section underneath at front of right sill, Front chassis looks perfect. Car is original import to US. It runs very well and the disk brake mod I put on it stops it very well, I got it up to a verified 85mph one time. All bushings were replaced at time of engine install and all 4 shocks were rebuilt by Peter C.

IMG_0856.JPG    34.1 KB

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kaip Peter Kai
Redditch, worcester, UK   GBR
the youngest which is + - 1970 is now 45 + years old. Rather cynically the baseline is chassis & ' car bottom ' this is some £2000 of work. Simply speak to one or any of
the ' restorers ' large & small. I just incidentally have a reasonably ' O K ' one for some 30+ years.
Peter Kai

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