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IMG 0999
Bugger just when I was starting to get into the restoration, bloody back had to go out again. OH well, a few weeks off and hopefully I will be good to go.

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I am in the process of restoring my 1954 Morris minor ute. I have started a blog. https://morris-minor.simdif.com. Check it out. Will keep it up dated as work progresses.

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IMG 0979
score!! Lucille is paying for herself. Have to put it in the kitty. Might pay for a new grommet or something.

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IMG 0947
electrics are doing my head in. Datsun motor put in by previous owner. But they never removed all the Morris wiring.There is just wires everywhere all mixed up together. can't tell whats going on, I am sure there is Morris minor electric parts that are not even doing anything anymore, but they still have wires going to them Grrrrrr. the Doesn't look like it but the energy regulator is not hooked up at all. wires are just cut and taped up.


IMG 0940
pulled the seats, carpet & gearbox cover out today. To get to the faulty master cylinder. broken rake pedal spring and rusty push rod, torn rubber boot cover. Lucille ( Lucy ) will be getting a new master cylinder.


IMG 2773
Lucille didn't like getting her other headlight assembly removed. so she bit me. OUCH. got to remember the bonnet spring catch.


fullsizeoutput 9d
today I removed the front right headlamp, pilot lamp and blinker. getting ready to remove my first guard.


20171119 152124
1959 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller barn find engine, brakes, major mech work done disassembly started part time January 2018 February removed all wood - as it was way past restoring examined layers time and sheet metal - discovery car was was pretty good underneath the dirt March I read up on most restores and was prepared to find major wormy ness but as I removed each layer I was surprised - it was so solid -lubck me sure a few dents here an there but manageble. More latert


Hello My name is Michael Tate and I live in the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area. I currently do not own a Morris minor. I am looking for a Morris Minor 2 or 4 door saloon or 2 door tourer to fully restore. I look forward to being a part of this forum.


Update - Tuesday Feb 27 The web servers was down from 10:00pm to 1:30am for maintenance which took much longer than expected. Normal operation has resumed, sorry for the delay. KNOWN ISSUES The following bugs are being worked on right now, no need to report them again: Delivery to yahoo.com and verizon email addresses is slow - looks ok now member and events map broken fixed attaching images to forum posts error fixed uploading images to registry/profile error fixed Cannot post in the forums fixed Forum smilies not showing[..]...


The Duke was purchased in September last year and is undergoing a FULL refurbishment the vehicle was registered in 1970 as new and was first registered in London UK the vehicle now lives in Kirton In Lindsey Lincolnshire, THE DUKE has been off the road for 4 Months and i am carrying out engine refurbishment and body work repairs , rear leaf spring replacement and a FULL repaint, the DUKE will be riding in to the sun set again this summer around around our beloved Lincolnshire Wolds....


A cover
The A Series engines do not have a timing chain tensioner. As a result, as the chain wears it can rub against the sides of the front cover. That rubbing can make quite a racket and even wear a hole in the cover. The A+ Series engines do have a tensioner that can be easily retrofitted to the A Series. All it takes is a new cover, 3 new tensioner pieces and drilling and tapping a new hole in the front engine plate. The best part is the A+ timing marks are on top of the cover so ignition timing can be checked from above. A new notch will have to be made in the crank pulley, but that is ea...


Trimmed the edges of the damaged area
Dec 11, 2017 A big moment in the restoration; I actually started the first welding of the Morris this evening after work; I cut a small 3 inch strip of metal with my air saw and used it to repair a tear in the tie plate. Its not perfect, but it will work. Satisfying to actually start to repair the car at last. Some blow through but I managed to patch it up OK. Gives me confidence to tackle the bigger jobs now.


Hello everyone, Due to a complete failure of the database server, we went down yesterday at about 4PM Pacific Time. With a bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck, I was able to recover all data and provisioned a new server overnight. Everything should be working normally now, with no posts or other data lost. Ironically, it happened while I was working on a better system to back up the database. Thank you for your patience. Skye Nott Webmaster


IMG 5299
I believe if I knew what the wires used to go to would be a big help. What the heck can these wires be that are just hanging loose?

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