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Dots Dad Avatar
Dots Dad Greg Knight
Hey all;
Newbie here, and I need some help with parts.
I just retrieved the car you see in the pic. This was my first car. It was my dads "toy" so when I started to drive in '70, it became mine. It looked much better then. When I bought my first car, I returned it to him. He then stored it at a another property he owned and built a shed around it until he could get time to work on it again. We all kind forgot about it. When he passed one of my brothers took it and started to rebuild it. The only thing still in the car is the rear end.

Anyway, 20 years later, and this is a far as he has gotten. He gave it to me, and I have been sorting things out. I need everything. But right now I need bushings for the front end. I see that I can get them in the UK, but I want to find a source here in the US. I have found Moss ( I also have a Miata) My web searches have not turned up anyone that seems to have more than just bits and pieces. Is there a source in the US that might be recommended?

BTW 1953 Tourer. It was a cream color (yellow) under all of those coats of paint. I think the original interior was burgundy. It was red with a white top and black interior (sewn by my mom) when I drove it.

Sorry if this is a newbie question that is answered several places, and thanks for your help

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morris 2.JPG    64.2 KB
morris 2.JPG

John in Eugene Avatar
John in Eugene Platinum Member John Quilter
Eugene, OR, USA   USA
Try British Auto Parts in Marcola, Oregon. Jim, the owner, is very helpful and knowledgeable. 541-933-2880.

John F. Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

Hi Greg,

I just got a 1952 tourer my self ! John is correct, Jim at British Auto Parts in Oregon is a real good source for bits and bobs. If you are a Moss Motor guy, you may know that they have parts for the MG Midget and the Austin Healy Sprite which both use some of the same running gear (and other pieces) as the Morris Minor.

Couple of questions about your car, Does it have the 918cc flat head side valve engine or the 803cc "A" Series. Has your car got trafficators installed or the wiring to them? The reason I ask is, mine had a original trafficator installed on the driver side of the car and had the switch under the dash on the driver side tourer support with wiring to both sides of the car doors. I'm thinking since this was a early export it got some of the domestic stuff installed then changed to export and those items stayed. does yours have a parcel shelf or the angle iron across the car under the steering wheel? Some do and some don't, mine does.

Also what is your car # on the metal badge on the fire wall? It could be that yours is a early export as well if the number is below 180001. Also if the plate is missing, the factory stamped the same 6 digit number in the fire wall just next to the wiring harness hole in the fire wall.

If you would like to take this conversation off line I would really appreciate continuing to compare notes. Just let me know.

Mr fixit
Chris smiling smiley

P.S. Think about joining the North American Morris Minor Registry. lots of good stuff !

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Dots Dad Avatar
Dots Dad Greg Knight
John and Chris, thank you for the info. I checked his website and he has some of the things I need.


The car came with an 803. I remember that the head was cracked and my dad got a 948 from the junk yard. That is what in had in it when I drove it.
The engine, trans and half shafts are all missing. Two of my brothers had Sprites, so once I quit driving it, the Morris became a "spares" source.

I have a 1275 engine and trans from a newer Midget that I have been told will bolt right in. As they say, we will burn that bridge when we come to it.

It has covers where the trafficators would go, and no wiring for them.
There is a package shelf, but the paste board part is long gone. However I have seen the angle iron piece in my pile of parts so I do have it.

the Car# from the badge is FCJ 417 224077. I didn't check the number on the firewall, I will today.So not an older model, but a north america car. It is LHD.

Off line is good with me.


ahaugland Avatar
ahaugland Silver Member Alex Haugland
Eugene, OR, USA   USA
You can fit the 1275 engine and trans to a Morris Minor without a lot of work. One issue you will probably come across, however is that the Morris uses a mechanical clutch linkage while the Sprite was hydraulic. The hydraulic lever for the Sprite gearbox will likely be on the wrong side, unless your Morris is right hand drive. This is an easy fix as some of the suppliers can sell you a new front cover for the gearbox which flips the pivot point for the throwout bearing to the left side. It's one more step but an easy fix. Alternately some people convert the Morris to a Hydraulic master, but from my end of things that generally creates more problems than it's worth as you have to sort out how to modify the linkage, install a master cylinder and reservoir, and then maintain it, when the mechanical linkage is far more set and forget. The only other issue which you may or may not run into depending on what your car originally had fitted is the location of the shift lever moved toward the back of the car on later Morris Minors using a remote shift lever, which you likely have on your Sprite gearbox. To address this you may need to modify or replace your gearbox cover inside the car with one that accommodates the extra bulk of the remote shift lever and moves the hole back accordingly. After that, everything should more or less just bolt in. I'll also highly recommend British Auto Works as a source and he can get you just about anything, new or used, that you need. That said many of his parts come from England so he's buying them and paying the shipping and marking them up accordingly. If you have a large list of things you're buying for the car all at once, especially for small items, I've generally found it is worth ordering direct from the UK. The prices work out in your favour, especially with the low Pound exchange rate right now and the majority of the time, parts come via express international shipping so often arrive in a couple of days or so, even on the west coast. The only surprise that might come up is some of the carriers will charge an import duty and handling fee separate from what you pay the supplier to ship the parts. These fees seem to be somewhat random to me and if things get held up in customs can potentially rise accordingly. Generally it has worked out to be around $20-30 for most of my orders from the UK, when I'm spending around 600-800 Pounds for parts. In the UK I've dealt with ESM Morris Minor Spares and Bull Motif primarily and both have generally been good suppliers. ESM generally ships faster and has a better website for online ordering.

--Alex Haugland
Eugene, Oregon

Dots Dad Avatar
Dots Dad Greg Knight
Thanks Alex
Great info there.
I added those two UK suppliers to my list.

Funny you should mention it, I was looking at the bell housing last night and saw the slave cylinder mounted to it and thought about how I was going to address that. So thank you for the timely feedback and solution. I agree with your thoughts on customizing as little as possible. That makes future repairs easier.

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