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Engines for a Morris Minor Pickup

Posted by kahenya 
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Kahenya K
Kenya   ken
It will be stripped down to bits, and then rebuilt. Rust is a huge issue here, its filthy, and it actually runs, but poorly. Hoping it will be delivered next month. Too dangerous to drive it the 200 kilometres it needs to travel and its not insured, so once the deal is done and I have the paperwork will get a hauler to do the job and then the longer job begins.

Skye Avatar
Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   can
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It runs?? Remarkable! grinning smiley
If you have a camera or phone that can take video, I would love to see it running before you take it apart.
Just post the link here after uploading to Youtube or Vimeo, if you care to share!

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Kahenya K
Kenya   ken
I'm going to see it again probably around Mid March, will try get it to run, or atleast fire up. We turned the engine but it wouldn't take since it did not have petrol and I had a diesel pickup so that was a bust. This was just an initial site visit. Once we agree on the price, then we can take our liberties.

Kahenya K
Kenya   ken
Then I run into an Italian designer called Lorenzo, and his work, and decided to break the bank a bit more and splash out on a fancier Italian design attached to Tyler Gibson's design. Probably the worst way to go, since I'm a bit more confused, but its a one off thing so cool beans.

Car arrives in about 6 weeks, the weather plus work might complicate things a bit, but its coming.

I know I have talked this issue to death before, but I'm back to the same engine problem. Still unsure about the EJ 20 engine, still not quite right, and considering a different (better sounding) engine. Last time I ask this. Promise.

Choices which the engineer says can fit with a lot of modification

Subaru - EJ 20 or EZ30D or EZ36D

Toyota - 1JZ-GTE or 2JZ-GE

The underlined ones are my current favourites, and they work well. This is what I have available, anyone have experience with these?


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Kenneth Murithi
Johannesburg, South Africa   zaf
Hi Kahenya,
My name is Murithi and this is my first post, prompted by yours. Am also a Kenya living in South Africa. Seing that you have been up and about for a minor in Kenya i thought it a good idea to hook up with you in case you might have come across more minors than you might need there at home. Am also looking for one but distance is an issue. If you have seen more cars than you need please Bro let me know so that i can obtain one with your kind assistance. My cell number is +27834863444 and e-mail,
Thanks Kahenya.

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