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0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
Thanks Jim smiling smiley

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0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
In reply to # 24518 by Suffolk Guy Hi Folks,

Thanks to everyone that's had an input into my problem.

I think possibly start with the simple thing first, change the switch. Good idea, will you be changing to a mechanical or a hydraulic switch Stephen smiling smiley

I do like the idea too of the LED bulbs, if they fit my rear light holders, take its just a case of putting them in without any further mods? That may depend on whether your car is negative or positive earth.

The cheapest way if it is positive earth
is to reverse the battery and flash your
dynamo so that it charges the other way.

The more expnsive way
os to buy dual polarity bubs.

0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
In reply to # 24519 by dawpooldad Hi,
Just to throw my experience into the mix.
I've changed the switch on my 54 series 2, 3 times in the last 10 years and still suffer from the same problem.
I've been told by various people that my brake lights aren't working. When I show them statically they work!
I was puzzled, so I connected an LED lamp across the swith and located it on the dash.
Indeed, on light brake application sometimes the lights didn't operate!

So investigating over the 'net on various forums, I discovered that possibly it was due to the silicone brake fluid being used. This fluid has a bit more compressability than normal fluid. Just to be on the safe side I bled the brakes (5 times!), which was very expensive.

They were a lot better, but just occasionally, on light pedal pressure, the lights still didn't work!

So now I'm going down the direct switch route once I find a suitable switch and an efficient way to mount it.
If anybody out there has done it then I'm all ears!
Yes, but not on a Minor.

A mechnical switch as above working
in parallel with the brake return spring (33) thumbs up

Best rgds


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Ferd.jpg    34.8 KB

0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
This guy is probably the easiest route
to a positive earth LED stop tail bulb. thumbs up


emjay Jim English
Marietta, PA, USA   USA
Another way is to mount a micro or limit switch such that the lever is parallel to the pedal arm when the switch is closed and of course just in front of the arm when the pedal has returned. Should be easier than working down where the spring is. That would be for a normally open switch. A normally open switch could be mounted across the upper side of the pedal arm so that when it's at rest the switch lever is moved.

Suffolk Guy Stephen Miller
Had an alternator fitter vice the conventional dynamo some years back.

0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
A simple bulb swap then Ian thumbs up

dawpooldad Mike Rostock
WIRRAL, Thingwall, UK   GBR
An update on my brake light problem.
Further to all posted before, I enquired further as to what might be the answer.

I remembered some talk on a Volvo forum with regard to the contact loading and it's effect on after market brake switches.

With this in mind I calculated the current loading that 42w would generate and it works out at just over 3.5 amps. Not knowing the rating of my present switch, I guessed that originally, it should have coped adequately with this load.

So, therefore I decided to try the Led route as discussed by others.This being the cheaper option that the Ron Francis Wiring replacement switch.
I bought new Led replacements from Classic Dynamo Conversions and fitted them.
The spec for these bulbs indicate that they consume 90% less than standard bulbs.

After a false start with getting the correct bulb, I'm happy to report that the brake lights now work first time, everytime, even under light pedal pressure!

Just to be sure, I've just completed a 100 mile round trip without them failing even once!
How do I know? Because my little tell tale Led on the dash (see my previous post) told me so!

Again, to double check, on said test run, I had a fellow club member to follow me and report back and he saI'd that they appeared to be working as they should.

So, certainly in my case, it looks like the contact loading was the problem, but as ever, will report back should this change.

Best Minoring regards

Mike R (dawpooldad)

Suffolk Guy Stephen Miller
Anyone please have a good website I can purchase the Hella 4565 brake light switch from?

0123 Mike D
Biddulp, Staffs, UK   GBR
I think your part no may be obsolete Stephen.
I tried the Hella site, but it did not recognise it.

Other suitable switches from Hella here.
VEM V24730012 under a tenner delivered smiling smiley


Or ask, Hella

Ferd.jpg    35.8 KB

Suffolk Guy Stephen Miller
Many thanks, will email Hella to see if it's just know now under a different model number.

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