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IMG 5299
I believe if I knew what the wires used to go to would be a big help. What the heck can these wires be that are just hanging loose?

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Battery installed
The first issue on the list of todos was a battery. I chose an inexpensive Wallmart group 34 positive post on the left negative on the right. I am learning about a positive ground car. Not fully understood by me and why. Pushing forward on getting the car started and with a battery in place I needed to add fuel. I put a small amount of gasoline in a bottle and stuck the intake hose from the gas tank into the bottle. Simple and no danger of fumes. No luck. The car was not going to start no matter how long I was on the start button even when the choke pulled which I had to discover which knob ...

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Engine 10
1958 mm

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Underside view
August 19, 2017 After a long break induced by excessive office work, at last I got around to doing something again on my Minor. Small but important jobs. Removed center brake line and passenger side handbrake cable. This now gives better access to assess the rust damage on the underside.


Well, a lot has been done and yet nothing has happened since the last entry because of "redo" work. The restoration anthem. When Molly went into the shop it became apparent that the suspension was woefully out of adjustment and the brake system was a mess. So, the last several months were spent "redoing" the foundation. I wanted a driver so I needed to refocus on dependability. My initial plan was to couple my fresh 1275 engine with a rib case transmission. However, with my renewed focus on dependability I found a 1978 Datsun B 210 with a five speed transmission for a donor car. (I w...


Hello everyone, Now that the database upgrade is nearing completion, and I finally have the ability to do "hot backups" without taking the website offline for maintenance, I'd like to give everyone a little bonus. Effective immediately, all Private Message (PM) storage limits are now doubled Free Members: 500 -> 1,000 Silver Members: 750 -> 1,500 Gold Members: 1,000 -> 2,000 Platinum Members: 1,500 -> 3,000 Hope this makes everyone's life a little easier, especially for you vendors out there that use PMs a lot! Thanks for your support, Skye Nott Webmaster


Car was purchased June 2012 to make a driver. Car was stripped, dipped, all rust removed and body reinforced. Found an English sardine can tack welded to frame (special hiding place?) Replaced engine with a 1275 and rib case transmission. Install alternator, ignition, SU's finished. Moved to Phoenix. New wood kit is being varnished. New leather seats are prepared; need to find matching carpet and interior liner material. Working with local garage: August - September goal. After market disc brake system will be replaced and upgraded; drop down brake pedals installed. Suspension will...


Mid February, a Mate and I travelled to Woodend, Victoria for the Picnic at Hanging Rock Car Show 12 February. Max has driven the trip twice and trailered 3 times. Left on Thursday 9th, taking the scenic route through the Blue Mountains to Bathurst then down to Wagga Wagga via Cowra and Cootamundra. Decided to stretch to Lockhart to overnight. Temperatures were in the high 30'sC, but Max wasn't interested in overheating. Cruising at a steady 90-95Kph and the a/c fully open, the trip was uneventful, aside from drawing smiles from many overtaking vehicles Friday was hot, 39C at 9am, t...


The new database servers are performing well under load, so I'll be continuing the database conversion process to the new layout for all websites, which will pave the way for better replication and backup systems. Please expect to see the "Scheduled maintenance" message on Friday night, February 17, 2017 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific time. I expect the work to take 4-6 hours as I want to take a full backup of the system for safety before making any changes. Once the websites are back up, there should be no visible difference in the operation or performance of the website. Schedule: Jan...


Morris MD 28 03 Funchal Madeira Oct 2016
I have a passing interest in 'old cars' definitely not a petrol head. Photography is my angle. I've found this forum and wondered if someone could give any info on my images. ie model type, age etc, someone out there may even own the vechiles concerned..


20170114 183040
Here is a blog post of our restoration project so far for a 1959 4 door Morris Minor 1000 with Alex Haugland. https://carlyfenton.wordpress.com/2017/02/05/4-door-morris-minor-restoration-disassembly-body-prep/


final assembly
Finally got around to installing my Sentra front disc brake conversion. Since I didn't care for the available kits I designed my own. The 9.75" discs fit inside of stock Minor wheels and have plenty of room in my VTO wheels. I have some other issues to address before I give it a test drive. Should be ready in a week or so. https://www.flickr.com/photos/133435255@N08/ I did a test fit with the laser cut brackets. I found that the stock 14" Morris wheel touched the caliper. One solution is to massage the wheel with a BFH the other is to relocate the caliper mount holes in the adapto...


IMG 1119
January 18, 2017 After dipping in the electrolysis tank, driver's side swivel pin and rear spring brackets were treated with POR-15 Metal Prep prior to painting.


IMG 1010
January 5, 2017 Finally got the car on its side at last. Video to come shortly, but basically we built two solid frames of 2x6, 4x4, 2x4 and 3/4" ply running across the car at the rear spring mounting points and under the front floorboards. We did this because the passenger side chassis rail needs extensive repair for the first 2 feet or so. Took about 2 days to think about it and build it and $70 in lumber and bolts. We guessed the radius of the curved quadrants; 18" seemed about right. Tipping it over was a family effort, but to be honest it could be tipped and controlled by two peo...


Hello everyone, You've probably noticed that this website has had some unplanned downtime lately. I'm not sure about the exact cause, it's probably an intermittent hardware failure as the techs keep finding the main server powered off at the console. I've been rebooting and repairing the database as needed to keep things running, while making plans to transition to brand new servers with updated database, webserver, and firewall software. The good news is I've already run the migration plan on some of my smaller websites, and it's working brilliantly. The bad news is that the frequenc...

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